Imagine a crack in the story universe where Quentin Tarantino and the Hallmark Channel collide, inspiring provocative, body-fluid-drenched comedies that earn their upbeat endings.

This irreverent, life-affirming territory is where Keri Lee stakes a claim. Her female-driven eco-horror-comedy RAT BASTARDS was awarded Best Comedy Screenplay at the 2021 Nashville Film Festival and was in the top 10% of the Nicholl Fellowships.

Her fight comedy/drama, CAGE, was a 2021 Writers Lab finalist, a top-10 comedy finalist in Final Draft Big Break, and top 15% in the Nicholl Fellowships. She has also written a half-hour comedy-drama pilot that tackles class and soccer in the suburbs, and her novel-in-progress, Swingline, made the top 50 of Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Manuscript Competition.

Keri was a 2020 Athena Film Festival Screenwriting Lab Fellow and is an alum of the Community of Writers Fiction Workshop.


Feature Screenplays

RAT BASTARDS (eco-horror-comedy)
When a defiant loner decides to lead a group of misfits into battle against a colony of mutant rats, she approaches the job like she approaches life: stoned, armed, and angry. 

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CAGE (fight comedy/drama)
While training for a must-win fight against a trash-talking sociopath, MMA’s most beloved and self-destructive bad boy must take on an even fiercer opponent — his long-repressed past — with the help of an equally dysfunctional female therapist.

Television Pilot

BEAUTIFUL GAME (half-hour comedy/drama)
Hellbent on giving her son a better life, a heavily tattooed single mom with impulse-control issues moves to a stuffy suburb — where her son’s dream of playing soccer rests on her stepping up to coach his seriously ragtag team in the region’s most cut-throat league.

Short Screenplays

WAYWARD FALLS (comedy/drama)
A sexually adventurous fire lookout’s daily duties take an unexpected turn when she meets a suicidal hiker and talks him off a cliff and into her lookout tower.

An iconoclastic young couple must grapple with the pedestrian state of their once-rebel love after the husband goes AWOL and relocates to a mountain cave.


With a childhood spent moving between life with her Mormon single mom in Utah and her world-traveling, hard-partying dad in California, Keri developed a knack for flexibility and a passion for the wildly diverse people and worldviews that fuel her characters and stories today.  

She is a former newspaper and magazine journalist who has covered everything from Ukranian folk dancing to the Mars nanorover project.

In addition to earning a master’s degree in English literature from Claremont Graduate University, Keri has taken courses in film, screenwriting, and acting at UCLA and UC Irvine.

She studies improv and stand-up in Long Beach, California, where she lives with her partner, their teenage son, and two deeply enthusiastic dogs.


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